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What do a Landscape Architect, a Pharmaceutical Drug Rep and a Director of Sales have in common:

  • A desire to build a business that is a blessing and a benefit to the community, to the consumer and the land.

  • A love of Mother Nature and all her creatures.

  • "Cajun Ingenuity" -a desire to create the things you need from the things you our case, the transformation of waste materials into a valuable, usable "Soil Food".

  • Tenacity - the ability to hold on and stick it out through the rough ride of small business start up, because we believe it has greater purpose.

  • AND...OUR LAND ORGANICS.  Our small, home grown, built from scratch manufacturing company which created and developed NATURAL BALANCE.

Through 8 years of testing and development NATURAL BALANCE was born, the foundation upon which all our blends are built. They each contain their own unique "recipe" to awaken the soil food web and supercharge the organic life cycle of the soil. OUR LAND ORGANICS has the ability to manufacture a variety of blends formulated for planting food crops, flowering plants, acid loving plants, lawns and more.  

The beauty of our small batch blending is the ability to formulate, or fine tune a blend based on your specific needs, requirements and or soil tests.

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