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It all began with the creation and development of a product we call NATURAL BALANCE. It is the foundation upon which all of our blends are built. This unique carbon and calcium rich humus product is created from waste products in the food and agriculture industries. The role of humus in the soils is extremely important to the fertility of soils in three significant ways:

PHYSICALLY through the increase of capillary action (tilth) in soils affected by clay and/or compaction, moisture retaining capacity and temperature of soil.

CHEMICALLY through ion exchange, interaction with salts and the liberation of organic acids.

BIOLOGICALLY by providing habitat as well as a source of energy, nitrogen and minerals for various microorganisms.

The bottom line...humus is the basis of successful soil management and agricultural practice!

( A GREAT place to start, right?)

The next logical step for us was to create the BALANCE...

The ingredient list for NATURAL BALANCE is quite lengthy and quite frankly proprietary, however, we would like to share with you the highlights of what helps us to achieve BALANCE...

Humus-as we have discussed.

Cricket Frass- (manure) our main nitrogen source has 2X the nutrient content of chicken manure.

Bio Char-acts like a sponge to absorb and hold in place whatever it is loaded our case, a mycorrhizal inoculum consisting of 4 species of Endomycorrhizal fungi and 7 species of Ectomycorrhizal fungi, EM-1 microbial inoculant and other beneficial bacteria. 

Minerals-from land and sea: (AZOMITE) 70 minerals and trace elements and

(SEA-90) 90 minerals and a full spectrum of vital trace elements.

Molasses-because sugars are the most important carbon and energy source for Mother Earth and all her microorganisms.

...and after 8 years of testing and trials...we Nailed It and NATURAL BALANCE was born!

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