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  • 1. What is Natural Balance?
    Natural Balance is food for your soil and your plants. It is a diverse microbial soil enhancer that works with Nature to supercharge the orgnanic life cycle within the soil, developing the soil foundation to promote healthy plants.
  • 2. How often should Natural Balance be applied?
    One of the beautiful things about Natural Balance is that it will NOT burn! All purpose applications can be applied 2-3x a year. Heavy feeders, like crops and bloomers can be given a boost every 2 weeks.
  • 3. Is Natural Balance safe for the environment and use around children and pets?
    We consciously DO NOT incorporate material deemed hazaardous or toxic by the USEPA. There have been a few dogs attracted to some of the ingredients in NB and consumed with no ill effects! Watering in to lock the product near the soil takes care of that issue.
  • 4. How quickly will I see results?
    Results are specific to the plants, time of year and the existing soil conditions. Generally, results can be seen within a few weeks, but optimal results are seen over time.
  • 5. Is it OK if NB touches the plant leaves? Will it burn? Is it hot?
    From 1 day old seedlings to delicate specimen plants, no damage has EVER been noted. Natural Balance is NOT HOT and WILL NOT BURN
  • 6. Will over applying NB hurt my plants or seedlings?
    Once your plants are in the ground...this is not possible! a container more than 1 part NB to 2 parts soil mix is not necessary and shows no added benefits.
  • 7. What is the shelf life of NB?
    As long as the product is kept dry, NB will keep its effectiveness for years. Store in an airtight container out of sunlight and out of reach of children and pets. Should the product become saturated, you can use it immediately (as it becomes activated with water) OR let it dry out in the sun and put it back in its container.
  • 8. How do I apply NB?
    We find that it is best for NB to be in direct contact with the soil. Incorporating it in the soil when planting or before will begin to activate all the ingredients. Side dressing established plants also works well...just push the mulch aside, apply NB and push the mulch back or apply fresh mulch. For large trees and shrubs, pockets can be made at the drip line with a stake or pipe and NB filled in the hole. (A nice rain makes easy work of this.)
  • 9. Should I water my plants after I feed with NB?
    Yes, water plants and lawns thouroughly after application or apply before a nice rain.
  • 10. What is that white fuzzy growth I noticed on top of the product and will it harm my plants?
    Our soil foods are blends of organic ingredients and when exposed to moisture the result can be the activtion of benefical bacteria. This is harmless and evidence of the product coming to life and beginning the process of nutrient release. Simply stir or mix it into the product.
  • 11. Why should I use Natural Balance?
    -NB benefits the life, health, energy, fertility and structure of the soil. -To lock in more nutrients and moisture into the soil increasing its availability to plant life. -To provide a BALANCE of primary, secondary and trace nutrients, minerals and biostimulant carbons and make them available to plant life. -PREPARING THE SOIL, FERTILIZING, PLANTING AND MULCHING YOUR BEDS IS A LOT OF WORK!! NB ensures amazing success in the growth, size, and appearance of trees, shrubs, vegetables, fruits, flowers AND enriches the growing environment.
  • 12. What is in Natural Balance?
    Natural Balance is made from primarily HUMUS (the dark, organic material that forms in soil when plant and animal matter decays), in a propreitary blend of trace minerals, soil microbes, bio stimulant carbons (bio char), beneficial mycorrhizae and bacteria, vegetable protein meals, seafood shell meals, feather meal, banana peel meal and insect frass.
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