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30lb NATURAL BALANCE "Soil Food" Fertilizer

30lb NATURAL BALANCE "Soil Food" Fertilizer

  • Flower Balance

    For use with any plants where increasing the budding/blooming ability is the focus. Bone char makes this possible by being immediatley available for absorption by the plants

  • AZ Balance

    For use on plants that like lower pH (acidic soils), e.g. azaelas, gardenias, camellias, blueberries, etc. We have added 7% sulfur for slow release and long term acidification along with an immediate pH adjuster from 2 propreitary ingredients.

  • Tropical Balance

    For use on all exotics, e.g. palms, bougainvillea, hibiscus, plumeria, orchids, etc.

  • Farmers Balance

    Created for use on any edible plants. It is hands down our best and most complete spectrum of biostimulants and minerals available. It was created to return our food supply to its nutrient dense and minerals rich state.

  • Clay Buster

    NB+Bio char, hummates and gypsum to help break up compacted soil, especially, heavy clay.

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